Well, the first draft of the book is finished, so now comes the painful EDITING process. Yuck. But, here’s another tease… the BACK COVER copy! Enjoy!

Like many gay Chrisitans, David W. Shelton spent years struggling with an internal war between his faith and sexual orientation. By the time the dust settled, he emerged into a sense of destiny and passion for God and found himself doing something he never thought possible: he reconciled his faith and sexuality.

Using time-honored Biblical interpretation techniques, he not only dares to ask the question, “can a person be gay and a Christian,” but to seek an answer that may very well rock the traditional view of homosexuality and the Bible to its core. The Rainbow Kingdom looks through all six of the “clobber verses” that are used to condemn gay and lesbian Christians and puts them back into their literary, historical, and original language contexts. The results may surprise you!

But The Rainbow Kingdom doesn’t stop there! The book’s second half concentrates on the challenges and critical issues that we all face, especially as GLBT Christians. After all, our calling isn’t just to understand the Bible. It’s to follow Christ.

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