Well, my book has gotten its first customer review, and I’m still blushing:

With so many people struggling to merge their natural orientation with their desire to serve the Lord, it is high time that a guidebook was published to help those of the GLBT community (and their loved ones) to understand that God is indeed merciful and loving of all his children. Rainbow Kingdom, written by Pastor David W. Shelton, sheds deep insight into the verity that one can indeed be both gay and Christian.

Rainbow Kingdom is a reconciliation of faith and sexuality, born of Shelton’s personal quest for answers. He challenges the habitual “clobbering verses” and often-misinterpreted Old Testament passages and stories, and routs them with spiritual astuteness. Further, he guides and ministers to the reader with words of immeasurable wisdom, and with unquestionable affirmation of Christ.

Shelton’s writing style is very down-to-earth. The book reads like a flowing dialog over a good cup of coffee with a dear friend. Many authors utilize cumbersome word structure in an attempt to “prove” knowledge; Shelton’s own approach reveals his intellect whilst allowing his sincere love for people to shine through. This book is a “must have” for your Christian reference collection.

As posted by T. Wheeler on Amazon.com

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