It’s been another holiday week for me, so I wanted to take the time to wish all of my readers a very merry CHRISTmas. No matter what we believe on the date of the birth of our Lord, let’s keep in mind that the true reason for this holiday is the celebration of the incarnate Christ.

Christ is born.
Christ is crucified.
Christ is resurrected.
Christ WILL return.

I know many of my readers are not Christian. It is my hope that we can all celebrate this day no matter what your faith might (or might not be). It doesn’t matter if we think Jesus was born in the spring, summer, fall, or on December 25th. The point of our faith is that He WAS born.

And the really cool thing is what I saw on a church bulletin sign years ago:

He’s not in a manger anymore.

At the risk of revealing my charismatic background, I say “AMEN.” He’s not! This is a day when we can reflect on the reality of our living, risen Lord.

Jesus was the ultimate equalizer. No matter who we are, we can all know that His message has never changed. And it never will. The challenge is for us to follow Him and to obey His greatest commandment:

Love one another.

Let’s remember that today. Even if you don’t read this on December 25th, we can know that the message and the celebration of Christ is as eternal and timeless as it is for this very moment. It’s not just a matter of keeping “Christ” in Christmas. Let’s keep Him at the very center of our lives.

Again, Merry CHRISTmas!

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