We’ve all talked about how the ex-gay movement has distorted reality for their own purposes. The over-the-top nonsense from folks like NARTH founder “Dr.” Paul Cameron and the aw-shucks nature of Exodus leader Alan Chambers are two different extremes of a wide gamut of this bizarre movement. Their tactics might be different, but the core message is the same: “homosexuals are diseased.”

This week, a new “celebrity” has been rising from the ashes of his own “sordid past” and has built a “ministry” centered on telling gays that there’s no “back door” to heaven. Donnie Davies created www.lovegodsway.org to preach his rhetoric on how there’s only one correct way to love (read: have sex), and that’s through heterosexual relationships. His songs are enough to churn stomachs and roll eyes everywhere:

Mmmm … yeah, yeah
Give me strength to fight temptation
Lord, lead me to
your salvation
The Bible says as plain as day
With a man you shall not

Lord, you are my strength
Fill me with your love
Help me
fight these feelings
Help me rise above

Lord, help them hear me
and make clear my voice
‘Cause being gay is nothing but a

God hates a fag
God hates fags
God hates
So if you’re a fag, He hates you, too

Read the Bible and
you’ll be sure
To enter heaven, there’s no back door
Righteous man, get on
your knees
There lies no virtue in sodomy

Lord you are my
Sustain me through the fight
A shelter from the urges
And help
me see the light

You filthy sinners should just let me be
Jesus my savior’s the only man for me


Lord, you are my strength
Fill me with your love
me fight these feelings
Help me rise above

Lord, help them hear
me and make clear my voice
‘Cause being gay is nothing but a


The video for this song has been pulled from both Google Video and YouTube. It’s still available on MySpace.

As I watch the video, I’m forced to ask myself if this is a sick satire, or “Fred Phelps Lite.” Davies uses the same kind of self-loathing language that we see from other ex-gay “ministers” like San Diego’s James Hartline. Hartline says he spent “thirty years” in the “gay lifestyle” and was an alcoholic druggie. Now he’s sober, suffering from AIDS and telling gay people they’re all just as screwed up as he was. Hartline has made a career of telling the press how the “homosexual activists” are all trying to “recruit children” into their “abominable lifestyle.”

Davies isn’t much different here. His website quotes Oscar Wilde, who died a lonely, depressed man who gave up being gay because of societal disapproval. That’s a little like using Edgar Allan Poe as a poster boy for being happy in life. Oh well.

Davies writes on his website: “God Loves You even if he hates your Homosexuality. You just can’t stay that way. Let me help you love yourself.” He calls homosexuality a “choice” and has built his ministry around this whole issue. I guess this is what obsession looks like.

“Ministries” like this one (boy do I get to use quotation marks an awful lot with this post!) beg the question: is it a satire? Or is it sincere? If it’s satire, then it’s brilliant to the point of being offensive. If it’s sincere, then I weep for anyone who would fall prey to the clutches of such a distorted view of God.

If it is indeed sincere, then I want nothing to do with any god (small “g” is intended) or any of its followers that would resort to such low-brow tactics. There’s nothing Christian about this particular “ministry.” As a satire, it reduces the Christian faith to being a bunch of homophobic bigots who hate themselves as much as they hate the GLBT community. As a ministry, it has created a deity that’s little more than a hate-filled, sex-obsessed demon that’s ready to wipe out the next Sodom.

In the end, I look at this as a sick joke on Christianity. Many of us in the GLBT community will look at it as an example of why they left the church. Quite frankly, I can’t blame anyone for thinking that. But in the end, it’s clear that the church and the homosexual is in more need of true reconciliation than I ever imagined. Boy, do we have our work cut out for us.