I just got news today that The Leaf-Chronicle, our local daily newspaper, is going to run an article on my book, The Rainbow Kingdom: Christianity & the Homosexual Reconciled. Now, I was initially told that the piece would run on Saturday, April 7th. In an email, I was told that it would instead run in Sunday’s edition… April 8th.

That’s right, friends. An article on a book which has as its very core, “reconciliation,” is going to be featured in the Easter Sunday edition of our daily newspaper. I’m humbled, to say the least. I sincerely hope and pray that local readers (and international, through their website) will understand that the book (and its author) is all about bringing people together, not tearing apart. Yes, there will be some who will disagree.

And that’s okay. I know it’s a hard sell, especially here in the Bible Belt where common thought is that homosexuals are damned unless we “repent.” My message has been simple: Jesus is Lord. His message is for everyone, no matter who they are. We’re saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ… period.

My hope is that people who are struggling with this issue (like I did) will come to a place of peace in their lives and truly reconcile their faith and sexual orientation. What a wonderful thing it will be for people who are in Christ to work to impact the world without having to wrestle with themselves at every turn!

To my readers, mentors, and supporters, thank you. None of this could have ever been possible without you. My hope and prayer is that our Lord will continue to bless and challenge all of us with the great gospel of Grace that is through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

See you Sunday!

Note: The article did not run in the April 8 edition of The Leaf-Chronicle. It was bumped for a piece on “that trailer announcer guy” Don LaFontaine. I’ll update everyone once I know what’s going on.