There is a growing movement to bring the teaching of Intelligent Design and Creationism into public schools.

This is disturbing on so many levels.

Should matters of faith be taught in schools? Of course not. Proponents of Creationism and Intelligent Design have frequently claimed that “evolution” is little more than a belief as well. Some even assert that “evolution is a religion” because of that.

But what is evolution? Put simply, it is “change.” Now, there’s still plenty of discussion on how that change occurs since we learn more information every day. But the reality is that the world changes. Species change. The nature of the earth has changed.

My Christian faith has long been rooted in the grace of God and His love for all of us. However, I do not believe that there is a literal six-day creation period. While some people insist that the earth can not be more than 6,000 years old because “the Bible says so,” I maintain that the Bible is not now, nor has ever been a science book.

For example, the snows of Antarctica have been piling on for countless thousands of years. Every year, the earth’s CO2 emissions spike. The reason for that is that every winter in the northern hemisphere, the leaves drop, and the CO2 emissions increase. Since the vast majority of the earth’s land is above the equator, it’s a clear indicator of a yearly drop and spike of CO2.

So what does that have to do with anything? Simple. One of the best ways to measure long-term CO2 emissions is to drill into the ice at Antarctica. it’s several miles deep, which reveal a clear history of several hundred thousands of years’ worth of annual CO2 shifts.

I’m not going to get into the whole global warming debate, but these ice cores reveal not only the quality of the earth’s air, but also the fact that the earth is far older than the 6000 years that many creationists claim.

To even accept the six-day creation requires one to stretch their imagination and to completely set aside basic laws of physics. According to Scripture, the sun was created after the earth, and the stars were created after the sun.

That’s simply not possible, and what’s more, it’s not what we’re seeing from the Hubble and other space telescopes.

If the stars were created even within the six-day period, how could light (which has a constant speed) travel hundreds of thousands of light years in just a few days… or even seconds? The closest star is more than four light years away. Was the light from those stars created at the same time as the stars themselves?

Further, we’re seeing evidence of brand-new solar systems which are in formation. We’ve seen the new stars and the dust rings that surround them. We’ve seen the young planets as they orbit amidst these rings. It’s a glimpse into our own past and a picture of what might have been.

I believe Scripture not only declares the glory of God, but it also challenges us to explore the universe around us… His creation is magnificent, stunning even. Yet no matter how staggering a sight might be, we can know that the glory of the living God is far greater. We don’t have to believe in a six-day creation period or even a young earth to know that God is indeed a master craftsman.