Peterson Toscano, whom I’ve long respected in his work to bring truth to the “ex-gay” movement, is joining a few other pro-gay Christian leaders and activists in October. Out & About, Nashville’s GLBT monthly newspaper, says that Toscano and Mary Lou Wallner will be in town for several days:

Toscano will offer his unique perspective as part of the Our Family Matters Conference held Oct. 22 through 25 at Second Presbyterian Church in Nashville.

Launched as a live version of Kim Clark’s acclaimed documentary, God and Gays: Bridging the Gap, the conference will address questions related to the relationship between God and the GLBT community. The event will include a film festival, live concerts, national keynote speakers Jack Rogers and Rev. Deborah Johnson, and three days of workshops.

Mary Lou Wallner, an Arkansas woman who lost her lesbian daughter to suicide, will also speak at the event about her experiences to help struggling parents reach out to their children. Wallner is a part of TEACH Ministries (To Educate About the Consequences of Homophobia) which works to save lives and prevent parents from losing a child to suicide because they are gay or lesbian.

Truth Wins Out, an organization headed by Wayne Besen (whose book Anything but Straight is featured on the left sidebar of this blog) reports:

Presenters will include Boltz, Exodus Love In Action survivor Peterson Toscano, Colorado ex-gay survivor Christine Bakke, Mary Lou Wallner (a mother whose ex-gay attitudes contributed to her daughter’s suicide), and former Exodus leader Darlene Bogle.

Well worth a look!