Once again, I’ll have to bend my rule of staying away from general politics. Quite simply, I’m just going to have to make a confession: Governor Sarah Palin scares the living hell out of me. I don’t want this woman anywhere near the White House, let alone being a heartbeat away from the Oval Office.

What disturbs me lately is how often I have to preface each post with some sort of disclaimer, that my Christian faith is as important and as sincere in my life as it could ever be. I’m even more disturbed by the fact that so many of my fellow Christians are hell-bent to disprove the love of God (and common sense) with each passing statement. At the end of an already-laughable interview with Katie Couric, Palin embarrasses herself and her party further with stunning unfamiliarity of basic common knowledge about gay-related issues.

Palin has taken the gay-bias torch from President George W. Bush miles further than he ever did, asserting that same-sex attraction is a choice, and that she’s “not going to judge people.” If it wasn’t her complete lack of competence on foreign policy and being bereft of any wisdom beyond that of being the equivalent a bipedal, lipstick-wearing pit bull, that would be enough to scare me away from voting for her. But when she displays such utter ignorance, well, that’s just frightening.

With a special thanks to Truth Won Out and Box Turtle Bulletin, here’s what “Sarah Barracuda” said (courtesy CBS):

But what you’re talking about, I think, value here, what my position is on homosexuality and you can pray it away, because I think that was the title that was listed on that bulletin. And you know, I don’t know what prayers are worthy of being prayed. I don’t know what’s prayers are going to be asked and answered. But as for homosexuality, I am not going to judge Americans and the decisions that they make in their adult personal relationships. I have one of my absolute best friends for the last 30 years happens to be gay, and I love her dearly. And she is not my “gay friend,” she is one of my best friends, who happens to have made a choice that isn’t a choice that I have made. But I am not going to judge people.

She seriously believes this? She actually believes that sexual orientation can be “prayed away?” I don’t know where she gets this asinine belief, but let me say this clearly: If it could be prayed away, I would have been made straight two decades ago. Daniel Gonzales, writer for Box Turtle Bulletin sums up exactly why Palin’s view is not only dangerous, but wrong.

His statement is clear enough of a message that it deserves repeating. As quoted on TWO:

“Should I choose to pray to become straight?” — He already did that.

“Should I choose to see a gay conversion therapist?” — He spent thousands of dollars on that.

“If I promise to try really hard to be straight and went back to one of those ex-gay programs again, would you want me to marry one of your daughters?”

“Even though you ‘don’t want to judge me,’ it seems pretty likely you view my sexuality as sin, which appears to leave me with one choice: A lifetime of celibacy. I could embrace my sexuality and seek to form a meaningful, lifelong committed relationship with another man and build a family. But no, I think your inner views have convinced me to choose a lifetime of being alone and celibate! Thanks, Gov. Palin!”

Senator Barack Obama might not be a perfect candidate, but the more I look at Sarah Palin, the more I realize just how much better he is. What? You say that the election is between McCain and Obama? Okay, believe that. Just who do you think will take over when he goes to the great platform in the sky?

If I have anything to say about it, she’ll never have a chance. I’m voting for Obama. Heck, I don’t even have to hold my nose to do it!