I don’t know what it is about this whole Obama birth certificate and citizenship question. I’ve gotten a few emails regarding my post which discussed the fact that the Berg lawsuit was thrown out of court (since then, a similar suit was rejected in Seattle).

None of the emails were particularly impressive.

Some were even attorneys. However, not a single letter was able to boil down a very simple reality in this whole mess: Obama has run in and won several elections, including at least one (two if he wins next week) at the federal level. Throughout all of these elections, isn’t it possible that someone asked for a copy of the valid birth certificate or proof of citizenship?

Here’s one letter in particular:

I’ve only read the short version of the Berg law suit. I’m not a lawyer but the impression I got was that there wasn’t any evidence to support the claims presented by Berg except for this: At one time Obama had dual citizenship but they occurred when he was a child. So then the question is does that prevent him from holding the office of President?

It’s pretty obvious that the Constitution doesn’t allow anyone to hold the office of President if he or she has dual citizenship because they would have divided loyalties. That’s implied in the Constitution. Otherwise why does the President have to be a natural born citizen? But Obama does not have dual citizenship now nor is there any evidence that he had it at any time when we was an adult. Hope this clears things up.

One other issue seems to be what happened to his citizenship when his step father took him to Indonesia and had him registered as an Indonesian citizen? He was adopted. But he didn’t lose his U. S. citizenship. That would only happen if his mother and step father renounced his citizenship. But there’s no evidence of that.

True his name was legally changed. And there’s no evidence that it was ever changed back. So there does seem to be a technical problem there. But when his mother and his step father divorced his name reverted back to his birth name automatically? It might be in the divorce papers?

In a word, no. Dual citizenship at one point in a person’s life does not disqualify someone from being President. Here’s the qualifications straight from the horse’s mouth (of the US Constitution):

No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.

To hear this letter writer say it, it would disqualify someone who would have been born on a German military base to a US soldier and their German spouse. Such a person would have solid dual citizenship their entire life. They were born on American soil (the military base) and have both German and American citizenship.

So, no. Dual citizenship would not disqualify a candidate.

Here’s what really needs to happen if anyone wants to be serious about this whole mess. They need to contact the McCain campaign and give them every bit of their bullsh…er… information so that John McCain can add it to his overwhelming effort to have Obama removed from the ballot on the basis of questioned citizenship.

I shall now plant my tongue firmly in my cheek:

What, you mean McCain hasn’t said or done anything in this issue? Well, then! It’s a CONSPIRACY! John McCain KNOWS that Obama is not a citizen, and he’s been running a lackluster campaign on PURPOSE so that he can HELP a NON-CITIZEN get ELECTED! He even picked a terrible, laughingstock vice-presidential nominee intentionally! Anything to help Obama!

Not only THAT… but Hillary Clinton is in on it too! She had 18 MILLION votes behind her, and she just let Obama win that primary…

What’s more… both candidates put out a combined quarter of a BILLION dollars to fight their campaigns, when all they would have had to do is file one well-placed lawsuit (since they have legal standing here) to demand a birth certificate they KNOW doesn’t exist!

Great. Now that you understand how ridiculous the whole thing is, can you just shut the hell up about it?