A friend of mine sent me a link to this video, which has a group of three Christian ministers all being asked a question – of how the evangelical church should address the complexity of homosexual relationships. The three men are Chuck Colson, Greg Boyd, and Shane Claiborne. It’s a short video, but worth a look:

Immediately, we’re clued into the fact that Colson really does not like gays. First, he goes into a diatribe about how gay relationships is completely counter to the plan of God (after which, the moderator politely repeats the question since he didn’t even bother to answer it). Later, he points out how he spent a lot of time ministering to people with AIDS. To top it all off, he completely denies any notion that evangelical Christianity has hostility toward the GLBT community.

Can someone PLEASE tell Colson that AIDS is not a gay disease? I’m appalled at the level of this man’s complete dishonesty and ignorance out of someone who’s supposed to represent the leadership of evangelical Christianity.

Boyd and Claiborne, while making clear that they believe gay relationships to be sinful, have extended their own sense of compassion by acknowledging the church’s historical hostile attitudes toward the gay community, and that they must do better.

While dialogues like this are commendable, it’s obvious that without the presence of a gay-affirming Christian in the group, there’s never going to be any real progress or discussion on the matter.

The simple reality is that gay Christians are still going to be left confined to the closets of the mainstream church, with no real hope of fostering any understanding. It’s unfortunate, really.