While the country continues to languish in a deep recession, the right wing “religious” side of our country has found new life in their battle, a star of a hero, and an evil villain. It’s a drama that’s worth the pages of their newsletters, “action reports” and their on-air personalities. This battle is, of course, over legalizing gay marriage. The hero? The beautiful martyr who happens to be the sitting Miss California, Carrie Prejean. The evil villain? That awful gay “activist,” Perez Hilton. And what did he do? He called her a “dumb bitch” and also said she was a… c… cu… Nope. still can’t say it.

Let’s be honest, here. Perez Hilton is about as much of a “c-word” as he ever accused Prejean of being, and doesn’t represent me, nor the rest of the GLBT community. Quite frankly, I’m irritated that this has continued at such a feverish pace. I’ve chosen not to write on it until now(even at the urging of friends of mine) because I think the whole situation is asinine.

Prejean’s views are her views. She has a right to her views. My problem with her is the fact that she apparently thinks she lives in a different country than the rest of us (in her “country.” we have a choice for gay marriage or not – but in OUR country, only five states allow gay marriage — not in even her own STATE is that “choice” an option). Also, she just came across as a moron. What the hell is “opposite marriage” anyway?

The fact that the right has elevated her to some silly martyr status is beyond asinine. She got skewered, and rightly so, because she just had absolutely nothing intelligent to say. If she had just said, “I disagree with gay marriage, and I don’t think it should be legal,” that would have angered a lot of people, but it would have been thoughtful, reasoned, and intelligent. Not so with the blathering she put out there.

And has anyone, for even a second, realized that they’re making a valley girl bimbo into a martyr for answering a question badly? Is the “religious right” so hard up for spokespersons that they need HER? Really.

As for that bitch of a blogger, Perez Hilton, he does NOT represent the GLBT community. He certainly doesn’t represent me. He’s a petty, prissy little twit of a man who made his blog famous by drawing doodles of penises, cocaine spills, and semen drips on photos of celebrities. Plus, he made himself famous by calling a sitting beauty pageant title holder a bitch and a “c-word” that I won’t repeat. It rhymes with “bunt.” Yeah, that’s how to get influence in our society. Woo hoo.

Once again the “right” has latched on to him as the personification of everything that’s wrong with the gay community. As if!

So in the end, she’s dumb, and he’s the bitch. It’s not worth anyone’s time except for the wingnuts over at Faux News who found another pretty Christian blonde face that’s being dissed by the evil gay people. Seriously, this is as tiresome as it is stupid. She’s hailed as heroes by morons like Bill O’Reilley and Sean Hannity.

She took a stand? Please. That wasn’t a stand. That “answer” was nothing more than mindless, blthering drivel. She blathered. And she got called on it. And it cost her the Miss USA crown.

And this is “persecution?” Good grief. Is it persecution when someone says, “okay, she’s a queen of morality, but poses for half-nude photos?” No. It’s common sense. There was a lot of talk about whether or not she should be fired as a reigning Miss California. But over her views on gay marriage? Puh-lease. A majority of voters in California rejected gay marriage. Why should their reigning queen believe differently?

I do think they’re wrong about that view, but that’s my opinion. I think gay marriage SHOULD be legal. Once the California Supreme Court hands down its decision on the issue on whether Prop 8 is even LEGAL (which it’s quite possible that it isn’t), then we can finally move on and add another state to the “places where I can get married” list. It’s just a matter of time, really.

This whole situation is a lesson in absurdity, and the fact that ANYONE is being elevated to ANY status, to me, is just ludicrous.

Donald Trump has rightfully argued that she gets to keep her crown. It’s his business, and it’s his pageant. Moving on, now. Both of them have their fifteen minutes, and this story is already well past its sell-by date.