The GOP has offered some of the most extreme, far-right fringe candidates in the country as contenders for their nomination in 2012. Are they truly viable as candidates, or is this just the best they can offer?

Whenever a first-term president goes for re-election, the usual crop of opposition runs on a drumbeat of “I’m not the incumbent.” The out-of-power party does all they can to unite and put together their best candidates to defeat whoever happens to be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at the time. As the current president happens to be a member of the Democratic party, the GOP is working at a fever pitch to put their best person forward.

While the current crop of Republican candidates are diverse in race and sex, the utter lack of diversity of ideas is, to say the least, concerning. While some might say that the party’s ideals are already united, the platforms around which they have united are among the most archaic, the most far-right, and the most extreme concepts ever put forward in a Presidential campaign.

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