Despite a general “live and let live” policy by most Tennesseans, a few outspoken troglodytes have sullied the state with new assaults and bullying against gay residents. Worse yet, these assaults are from “leaders.”

I’ve long understood that there are members of my family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances that “disagree” with “homosexuality.” I get that. Unfortunately, recent events in Tennessee have revealed a far darker element regarding how people treat their gay neighbors, events that bring to the forefront exactly why it’s so important to support gay-straight alliances in our schools.

Tennessee has a long history of questionable laws, policies, and history — which resulted in outlandish spectacles like the Scopes Monkey Trial. It’s home to the very roots of the Ku Klux Klan. Even the atomic bomb was created in Tennessee. Sure, it ended World War II, but the legacy of Oak Ridge haunts the entire world.

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