It’s the greatest war that America has ever fought, or so we are told by droves of right wing commentators — it’s the war on religion. Or is it the war on Christmas? Or the war on Easter? Or the war on little fuzzy slippers we wear while we walk the dog? Either way, the battle lines have been drawn, and the “warriors” are doing all they can to desperately pull the rest of us into their petty little myth of a battle against the greatest enemy of all: reality.

Most of us have long since dismissed this “war” as the myth that it is, but thanks to the heroic effort of Texas governator Rick Perry, we’re assured that should he be elected ‘Presideyent’, he’ll “end Obama’s war on religion.” Oh, so now the President of the United States is the leading general working to destroy religious expression in the country he’s charged to lead? Quick! Run for the hills and grab your Bibles lest they be burned!

In what has become the most hated viral advertisement ever to hit the servers at YouTube, Perry’s “Strong” ad clearly struck a nerve. Of course, it starts with the horror that gays can serve openly and then dives into a lamentation that our poor, deprived children “can’t celebrate Christmas” or “pray in schools.” Oh, the shame! What ever will come of our great nation!

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