One of the most wicked, vile, insidious plots ever conceived in the mind of man has been revealed in the radical homosexual agenda. After years of research, prayer, and investigation, I’ve finally learned enough to expose this malevolent conspiracy for what it is. Prepare yourself. What you’ll read in the following paragraphs is going to shock you. It will shake you to your bones. The militant homosexuals have been working for decades to bring us to this point, and it’s only the beginning!

Whoops. Sorry. Blacked out there for a minute. Did I say something? Oh, yes. Exposing the homosexual agenda. That’s right. Now, there’s a really good chance that you’re coming to this article because you’re searching for some proof texts to back up your own goals of “stopping the radical homosexual agenda.” If so, congratulations. You just opened an article written by one of those evil, radical homosexual activists. Stick around. I dare you. You just might learn something.

The question I’ll present is this: Do radical homosexual activists really want acceptance?

YES We DO want acceptance.

Here’s the thing. That’s not a bad thing. When you complain about gays “looking for acceptance,” then you’re basically saying that you’d rather they all go off to some desert island (admit it, you’ve said it often). We ARE looking for acceptance because we are human beings and we have absolutely no interest in hiding in the darkest corners of your own bigoted closet just so you can feel better about yourself. You’re not that important. If my partner and I want to hold hands in public, why should that be an issue to you?

Here’s the kicker: The only reason that “acceptance” is an issue to some people is because they believe that a person should literally be shamed, shunned, jailed, or even executed for what another person does in the bedroom with another consenting adult. How about we shame people for treating others like second class citizens instead? There’s a thought.

Seriously, what’s so “radical” about a group of people wanting acceptance by the surrounding society? Why is that supposed to be a “bad” thing? Oh, yes. it’s about the sex. So you get your knickers in a bunch because some guy puts their dinger in a place that’s not a woman’s foo foo.

Big. Damn. Hairy. Deal.

Here’s the real question: Who gives a whit what an adult does with another adult of the same sex? And more to the point, why should you label person’s entire “lifestyle” based on the kind of sex you think they have? Here’s a news flash, boys and girls: We gays don’t bump and grind every waking moment. We actually have jobs. We even shower. Naked. Scandalous, I know.

Here’s what we know. When gays aren’t accepted, options are limited. They’re forced into the shadows, and into all manner of illicit encounters, fueling the raging stereotypes of promiscuity and high-risk behavior. The lack of acceptance actually creates the problems that cause the dejection in the first place.

When we consider the evidence from the most recent health study of gays in Massachusetts that indicated that in just one year after same-sex marriage was legalized, the overall health of gay men in that state showed a marked improvement — whether they were married or not. In short, acceptance improved the lives of gay men.

So, yes. Gays want acceptance. More to the point, we NEED it. We need it for physical and mental health. We need it to show that gay teens have hope to not be forced into the shadows their entire life, and that it DOES get better. We already know that homosexual orientation is not a disorder to be treated nor a disease to be cured. This latest data only solidifies that genuine need to bring same-sex relationships into the light of every day life.

For you, dear right wing conservative, to demand that gays remain in the shadows merely to satiate your own bigotry— is to condemn us to the very same high-risk behavior that you decry. You shout from the rooftops how horrible we are, and yet you fight every step of the way of allowing us the very institution that would create a genuine, healthy, quality-of-life viable option for all of us!

What complete, utter bullshit. Get over yourself. Really. People’s lives are at stake.

Acceptance of same-sex relationships in society is a good thing. Even for you.