Today is a day to celebrate the Incarnation of Christ, that God would empty himself into a mere man, walk the earth and pay the ultimate price for people who may never understand the magnitude of His profound grace. It’s this celebration of Christ that has taken many shapes and forms over the centuries, but may we always remember that despite our religious views, the impact of this one man cannot be understated.

This is a message that goes beyond theology, beyond religion, and beyond doctrine — a message of hope, grace, and love. It’s the ultimate in humility, the apex of wisdom, and the pinnacle of power. He is Emmanuel, God with us. He is the living, risen savior.

The glory of Christ goes beyond our petty squabbles, our disputes over politics, and even beyond our own individual biases and personal prejudices, and yes, it will cause us to overcome the great injustices of the day. We may never be able to get over these things on our own — but we can “fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of our faith” and through Him, all things are possible.

He might have been a babe in a manger wrapped in whatever they could find… but He grew up. And he forever changed the way that mankind relates to the Father… Merry CHRISTmas, everyone!

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