With the 2012 presidential election heating up, the anti-gay bigots are falling all over themselves to ban some more gay marriage. One of the states that are on the hit-list for the National Organization for Marriage is New Hampshire, and they’re resorting to the age-old tactic to help drive their fast-dwindling base: deception.

In a new article, NOM has declared that “more than 60% of Republicans support” a gay marriage ban, which would strip gay marriage as an option for LGBT people in that state. Gay marriage is currently legal in New Hampshire.

So let’s clarify a thing or two: First, this isn’t a poll of all likely voters in the state. It’s a poll of Republicans that are likely to vote in the primary. Box Turtle Bulletin writer Rob Tisini sums up the spin nicely:

I’m thrilled with that number. And NOM’s happy about it, too?  That’s quite revealing. Apparently they’ve set themselves a new, lower threshold for what constitutes good news.

Since it’s quite clear that support for gay marriage in the country (including in New Hampshire) is greater than those who oppose it, NOM is pulling out all the stops to try to convince its bigoted base of bullheaded buffoon bullies (say that a few times fast just for fun) that they’re going to pull off another Prop 8-style victory. Not bloody likely.

Keep in mind that this is an organization that has a long track record of shooting themselves in the foot with one PR disaster after another, and it’s quite obvious to me — and about anyone else who has a working eye or two — that their apparent chosen target is not just mere happenstance. They’re deliberately shooting themselves in the foot. Maybe it’s because they think they can blame the gays. Or something.