I have a simple message for the representatives of the hate groups that protested the Southern Poverty Law Center today, demanding that the SPLC remove them from their hate group list. It’s as basic a message as can be delivered to the troglodytes that make up these groups: Get over it. You are hate groups.

Today’s protest was apparently meant to somehow embarrass the SPLC at their headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama for their certification of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), Abiding Truth Ministries, the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, the Family Research Institute, Mass Resistance, the Illinois Family Institute, and other organizations as anti-gay hate groups. What actually happened was an amusing display that proved to the rest of the real world that the folks at the SPLC were right all along.

In a press release that was dispatched just before the event, the SPLC listed the exact reasons that these and other groups were listed as hate groups:

The irony is that SPLC has named five of the participating organizations as hate groups precisely because they demonize LGBT people, using a series of well-worn lies to paint gays and lesbians as perverts, pedophiles and worse. Despite the claims of the groups, the SPLC is not attacking anyone’s morality. Instead, our hate group listings reflect the fact that they regularly propagate known falsehoods.

What’s particularly interesting is the fact that these ministries — and the “news” sites that support them (like the AFA’s lapdog news site, OneNewsNow), all take great strides to skirt around the true reasons why the SPLC lists certain groups as hate groups. For example, when the latest list was released back in November 2010, they said:

The SPLC accuses the groups of propagating “known falsehoods…about LGBT people that have been thoroughly discredited by scientific authorities.” Among those “anti-gay myths,” says the Law Center, are statements like “no one is born a homosexual” and “gay people can choose to leave homosexuality.”

But Dr. Gary Cass of DefendChristians.org, a ministry of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, tells OneNewsNow that “hate groups” are usually considered racist or violent. He contends the SPLC is simply of using “hype and hysteria” in an attempt to intimidate the faith-based organizations.

No, boys and girls. It’s not just the silly “no one is born a homosexual” (no proof either way on this one) and “gay people can choose to leave homosexuality” (isn’t it interesting that even ex-gay leaders say sexual orientation can’t be changed?). In fact, neither of those two statements is even a factor in the SPLC certification as hate groups. Leave it to a “news” site run by a hate group to lie about why it was listed as a hate group. Go figure.

Mark Potok, editor of the SPLC’s blog responded to the accusations, reiterating exactly why these “protesters” are really full of number two:

“Our listing of anti-gay hate groups is completely unrelated to religion, Christianity or the Bible. These groups are listed because they repeatedly lie in an effort to defame LGBT people, an exercise they’ve been extraordinarily successful at. The idea that we are criticizing these groups because they represent Judeo-Christian morality is simply ludicrous.”

Let’s do a quick recap of just what those real falsehoods are:

Abiding Truth Ministries is headed by Scott Lively, who claims that the Nazi Party was controlled by militaristic homosexuals and were selected for the SS because of their sheer brutality. Mass Resistance claimed that “groups that back anti-bullying school programs actually want to lure children into homosexuality and, very possibly, sadomasochism.” Others have claimed that gays are pedophiles, have called for recriminalization of homosexual relationships, and declared that HIV does not cause AIDS.

In short, these groups have lied, deceived, and manipulated the facts to demonize and marginalize the LGBT community.

They might say that they’re being listed as hate groups because they’re “Christian.” But the reality is that it has nothing to do with doctrines, faith, or principles. It has to do with the fact that these are a bunch of lying, deceptive blowhards, and they’re whining because they got called on it.

Because Scott Lively is such a godly, “Christian” man who never says anything hateful, he submitted a written, oh-so-uplifting prayer for the SPLC:

In a written statement read at the news conference, Abiding Truth Ministries founder Scott Lively called on God to destroy the SPLC: “My prayer, as one who really does hate irrational prejudice, is that the Lord by His sovereign power will remove this dangerous, hate-spreading organization from our nation and cause its leaders and members to repent for their wickedness. … I want to make clear that I am asking God himself to destroy their organization.”

Their entire protest revolved around the message that was printed on their banner, “SPLC: Stop Lying. Christianity is NOT ‘HATE.’” I would say to the protesters: “Read your own damn banner.”

It’s important for all of my readers to understand that these groups are NOT “Christian” groups, and they have no business whining to gullible church-goers about being listed as hate groups. They ARE hate groups, and they deserve every bit of contempt and criticism they get.

But I am not unkind. I will give these groups some solid, genuine advice and share the one sure-fire way to get their names off the hate group list:

Stop lying about us.

Big thanks to Joe for alerting us of this all-too-delicious story.