The Tennessee Equality Project has announced a candlelight vigil to be held in memory of Phillip Parker, who died last week. His was the second suicide death in Middle Tennessee in less than two months. TEP members are partnering with their Upper Cumberland Committee as well as members of the community at large to show support for LGBT youth in the Cookville region:

While not only youth who identify as LGBT are targets of bullies, they have been found to be up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers, according to the Massachusetts 2006 Youth Risk Survey.

We will provide candles; please come with signs (look for details on a sign-making party soon) promoting awareness and/or messages of hope, acceptance and love. This will be a peaceful, solemn vigil. No yelling; no controversy. Our goal is to support teens who are/have been bullied and harassed; not to fight or argue with those who may disagree with our stance.

The public is invited to honor Phillip and his memory. Visit their Facebook page for more information.