Since the Family Research Council was designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of their dishonesty and frequent dispensation of known falsehoods regarding LGBT Americans, it hasn’t slowed down the number of times they’ve been called upon for a “conservative” voice on TV debates. If anything, Tony Perkins, the president of the group, has been on TV news channel more often.

The Advocate reports that LGBT Christian clergy members are voicing strong opposition to MSNBC, in particular, for giving Perkins airtime without mention of his organization’s hate group status. Openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson is among those who are calling for the network to give Perkins the boot.

“FRC has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for using dishonest, incendiary rhetoric about gay and lesbian Americans,” notes a press release from the online action network Faithful America, “but MSNBC has continued offering a friendly venue for Perkins, neither informing their viewers of FRC’s status nor including any rebuttal from progressive religious leaders. Perkins has appeared on MSNBC more often this year than on any other cable news network.”

Even Lawrence O’Donnell, who once ripped the Perkins and the FRC for being a “joke” later had the hate group’s leader on his show without a peep about their hate group status. Faithful America’s website describes the situation:

MSNBC has built its business on progressive viewers, and they need to hear that we find it unacceptable to provide an unquestioning platform for the Religious Right’s hatred and fear-mongering.

I add my voice to these and other progressives who call for MSNBC (and all major cable news networks) to stop giving screen time to hate groups. The only thing they deserve is a giant door slapping them in the rear on their way out of the mainstream and into the obscurity of the fringes where they belong.