Update: Sheriff Babeau has said that he is gay. He’s still staying in his congressional campaign. He calls the allegations against him “false.” This is going to be really interesting.

I don’t feel sorry for Sheriff Paul Babeu. Not even a little bit. Here’s a guy who tried to make his way through the American political scene by hiding the fact that he’s gay (as if it’s a bad thing) and then when his closet of lies and deception starts to crack, he goes ballistic, even threatening to have his ex-boyfriend deported.

Now, poor little Pauley has to resign his volunteer position as the state’s Romney campaign co-chair.

“Sheriff Babeu has stepped down from his volunteer position with the campaign so he can focus on the allegations against him,” Romney spokesman Ryan Williams told The Arizona Republic in a statement. “We support his decision.”

It’s a story we see all too often. A republican star politician gets caught with his hands in a cookie jar, and his world collapses around him. This time it’s Babeau who has crumbs on his fingers. The Phoenix New Times ran a detailed article on Babeau’s explosion of stupidity that included this verbal spanking from a resident immigration attorney:

Nancy-Jo Merricctt, a longtime Phoenix immigration attorney, says such a threat would be indicative of an “atmosphere that’s been created politically in this state, so that if you get angry at someone who is Hispanic, you immediately jump down to the level of threatening to deport him.

“If what [Babeu’s attorney] says is correct [about Jose’s being illegal], either the sheriff had a long relationship with someone he knew was undocumented, while all the time being Mr. Bluster about the border and using it for political gain,” or he threatened to deport someone he just broke up with, Merritt says.

“That’s just the worst kind of hypocrisy.”

Let’s be clear about this. Being gay is not a bad thing. I would suspect that Babeau could have easily continued his political career as an out gay man while maintaining his very masculine image. But the moment he attempted to use his power to protect his “not-gay” identity, he became the worst kind of weasel.

When will Republicans learn that being gay is just fine. Dear GOP, Stop pretending to be the moral saviors of society. Your “culture war” charade is nothing more than an attack on integrity and common decency. This is why Paul Babeu joins the disgraced ranks of people like Senator Larry Craig, Congressman Mark Foley and plenty of other people who were thrown to the wolves because you silly Republicans think everyone has to be straight to be in politics.

You did this to yourselves, Republicans. You sweep the gays under the bus at every opportunity and you wonder why men and women who share your ideals feel like they have to hide in order to advance in your ranks.

So, no. I don’t feel sorry for Mr. Romney’s campaign or for Mr. Babeu. It’s just another example of a hypocritical R-dude who got caught while living a lie. This is what conservatism has produced. All the rules and attempts to legislate morality without any of the basic respect for their fellow man to realize that gay people are just fine the way they are.

Just imagine what would happen if politicians learned something about “integrity.” And “integrity,” boys and girls, means that you don’t hide the fact that you’re gay just so you can get a few votes.

I guess he can turn his Adam4Adam profile back on now.

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