Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn not only appeared on a radio show run by a SPLC-certified hate group, but was “thankful” for that appearance.

Blackburn, who voted to oppose the payroll tax holiday, and has made an asinine issue of incandescent light bulbs, showed that her bulb was clearly dimmed when she appeared on “FRC Radio” with AFA leader “Time Wildmon” (sic) and FRC president Tony Perkins. Both organizations are listed as hate groups because of their frequent dispensation of known falsehoods.

Congratulations, Marsha. You were on the radio with a bunch of bigoted liars. But let’s clear up a few things on her little status update. First, it was AFA Family Radio. Second, it’s Tim Wildmon. I know, it’s hard to tell one SPLC-Certified hate group from another.

Of course, the entire issue was to continue the GOP witch hunt on women and their doctors, all while demonizing Planned Parenthood. One would think that any dim-witted Congressperson would just go to their website and review their VERY public annual report.

For the record, abortion services only make up 3% of the Planned Parenthood services and budget.

It’s a fair bet that women who actually use birth control are not going to forget the actions of Marsha Blackburn and her fellow GOP witch hunters this November.

Isn’t it great to know that Tennessee’s 7th congressional district is represented by a woman who pals around with hate groups?