As the battle for marriage equality continues is long path toward inevitability and fairness, anti-gay groups have ramped up their attacks in an effort to “defend marriage.” After all, this poor, defenseless institution is apparently at risk of being completely unhinged because a small number of people throughout the western world want to take part in it. The gays are threatening a sacrament, they say. Marriage must be defended. We must not redefine it, they say.

If indeed marriage must be defended, then who are its enemies? When we look at our culture, it’s plainly evident that there are indeed great dangers to the institution of marriage. Those threats to marriage have been building for generations — to the point that they now loom so large that they are barely recognizable by those who fight for its defense.

These genuine threats are a wall cloud of danger that tear apart marriages all across the country. Sadly, these issues are rarely discussed by groups who are founded to “support the family” or to “defend marriage.” Such organizations will fight tooth and nail to prevent any kind of equality for LGBT Americans, while ignoring the real problems: no-fault divorce, Vegas-style wedding chapels and annulments, rampant adultery, domestic violence, spousal rape, and a culture that allows all of these things to thrive. They are the true enemies, the great enemies of marriage. They’ve been attacking this institution for generations (especially adultery and domestic violence).

This is where the far right loses all credibility. In a time where less than half of the people who get married stay married for less than five years, their outright assault on same-sex couples as “an attack on marriage” is both illogical and asinine. Divorce gets a pass. Vegas chapels get a pass. Serial marriages get a pass. Politicians who divorce their cancer-stricken wives for a younger, prettier one get a pass. Gay couples get clobbered.

Recently, an anonymous Facebook user posted this status update that points out this hypocrisy brilliantly:

“Claiming that someone else’s marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because you’re on a diet.”

Here’s the reality. Marriage’s greatest “defenders” are those who have systematically destroyed it from within. And then they blame us.

If “Marriage” was a country, its “defenders” would be tried for treason. First for bombing their own lands, and then blaming the innocent — another “nation” seeking an alliance — for those crimes.