If there’s anything that “religious right” groups have in common, it’s their unilateral hatred toward the idea that gays deserve to be treated as complete equals in society.  They’ve claimed that they’re being lambasted for “merely disagreeing” with the “homosexual lifestyle.” They whine because they’re being blasted for “being Christian” or “upholding biblical values.” As such, at least one group is going over the top in their anti-gay propaganda.

Truth in Action ministries (formerly Coral Ridge Ministries), already on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s watch list because of their anti-gay ideology, acts as if they’re doing everything they can to be labeled as an official hate group. In just a week’s time, they’ve declared that the “radical homosexual agenda” is like the iceberg that is “out to sink” the great ship that is America. Then, they suggest a false link between Adolf Hitler and the Day of Silence (but not really!). Next, they blamed homosexuality on a “lack of biblical fatherhood” (whatever that means). Finally, they’ve added their voice to those who oppose the State Department’s mandate to curb human rights violations against the LGBT community worldwide.

As you might recall, the White House and the State Department established policy last December to require that any US aid to foreign countries be limited to countries that treat their LGBT people fairly. Our government now fully opposes criminalizing, abusing, torturing, or executing LGBT people just because of their orientation.

While such basic humanitarian policy might be common sense to the rest of us, to groups like Truth in Action, the new policy is nothing short of “using tax dollars to promote homosexuality globally.” Never mind the fact that they’re actually aligning themselves with countries that imprison, torture, and kill LGBT people — and the policies that lead to this violation of basic human rights.

How should Christians react to our tax dollars being used to promote homosexuality globally?

I am reminded of the situation religious leaders created in an attempt to trap Christ. They brought a woman to him they had caught in act of adultery and asked, “Now Moses, in the law, commanded us that such should be stoned. But what do you say?”

Hillary Clinton did something similar to that in her speech. She reminded the international leaders and representatives in her audience that the United Nations had adapted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Then, she went on to state that homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people deserve the same protections as people persecuted because of their religion, ethnicity, age, or gender.

Christians are often trapped by that type of intellectual posturing. We allow those who call good evil and evil good to frame the argument without challenging their agenda or assumptions. We cannot come to a good solution when beginning with a flawed presupposition.

Hillary Clinton, and all those who promote homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender rights have an agenda. It is not “equal” rights. They want nothing less than complete cultural acceptance for a practice that God’s holy and infallible Word calls sinful.

It’s here that their true agenda becomes clear. When Truth in Action, along with several other anti-gay groups and hate groups align themselves with countries who criminalize gays to this extent, have made it clear: they don’t just want to stop LGBT equality, they want gay people eradicated.

Before you shake your head at the apparent hyperbole I’ve just posted, re-read that last paragraph. They oppose the United States government and its policy to require that foreign countries cease criminalizing people just because they’re gay. In doing so, they have loudly proclaimed the following:

  • They support putting gays in jail.
  • They support torturing LGBT people.
  • They support executing people for consensual adult gay sex.

And they have the outright audacity to say that we’re “promoting homosexuality” because we as a nation will not tolerate these injustices.

I’m absolutely disgusted that these organizations claim to be built around “Christian beliefs.” There’s absolutely nothing Christian about siding with countries that have policies in place (or pending) that require execution for LGBT people. I defy anyone to tell me otherwise. I don’t care if it is in the Bible (Lev. 20:13, to be precise). That these organizations would align themselves with these atrocities is nothing more than pure, unadulterated hate. It’s outright evil.

Let’s look at the goals of these groups compared to what the LGBT community in America is working to accomplish:

The LGBT community’s goals:

  • To not be threatened with being fired or not hired because of their orientation.
  • To not be kicked out of their home or refused rental because of their orientation.
  • To not be thrown in jail because some states refuse to recognize the Lawrence v Texas decision that struck down all sodomy laws.
  • To be treated fairly by all businesses.
  • To have the right to marriage equality.
  • To not be treated as if they don’t exist in schools.

On contrast, the goals of the “Religious Right” (which, as I remind readers, is neither religious nor right):

  • To oppose any form of equality for LGBT Americans.
  • To re-criminalize homosexual relationships.
  • To prevent or rescind any equal employment laws for LGBT Americans.
  • To prevent or rescind any equal housing laws for LGBT Americans.
  • To prevent having sexual orientation or gender identity from being added to the list of protected classes.
  • To have the right to discriminate against LGBT people in the operation of their business.

Notice the difference here. One group just wants to participate, while the other wants to refuse that participation. The common argument I hear is this, “if we allow that, then we have to allow _________.” Fill in the blank with any sort of “slippery slope” argument, and you’ll get the idea.

The point is simple. LGBT people have proven time and time again that their orientation is not a disorder to be treated nor a disease to be cured. How people build relationships with consenting adults has absolutely no bearing on their ability to find a job, work, live, and play in our society.

Furthermore, religious rights are not infringed by granting equality for LGBT Americans. No church is restricted in their freedom of religion by having another church down the road that can marry same-sex couples legally. To suggest otherwise is as asinine as it is ignorant. No one’s marriage is threatened by having a same-sex couple next door. No one’s job is threatened just because a company has an anti-discrimination policy for LGBT people.

Yet groups like the Family Research Council, You Can Run But You Can Not Hide Ministries, Mass Resistance, the American Family Association, Public Advocate of the United States, (and a couple of dozen other anti-gay hate groups) and now Truth in Action Ministries are working with every thing they’ve got to hammer LGBT people back into the shadows of obscurity.

They have a right to hate. They have a right to say whatever they like, in fact. I’m okay with that. Even Fred Phelps and his “God Hates Fags” bunch of whackadoodles have those rights.

But their rights end where ours begin. And it’s time to start standing up for what’s right and stop letting these enemies of humanity have influence on our public policy.