In what is probably the most important news regarding the failure of the Ex-Gay movement, Dr. Robert Spitzer has now formally apologized for his often-distorted study from 2001. The study, which concluded that some “highly-motivated” people could change their sexual orientation has been held up by ex-gay ministries and organizations as a major boost for their cause.

That boost just got deflated and completely removed from their arsenal. John Becker at Truth Wins Out reports:

Today, in a letter to Dr. Ken Zucker obtained exclusively by Truth Wins Out, Dr. Robert Spitzer made an unprecedented apology to the gay community — and victims of reparative therapy in particular — for his infamousnow-repudiated 2001 study that claimed some “highly motivated” homosexuals could go from gay to straight.

Becker posted the full letter (which is well worth a read) from Dr. Spitzer, which said in part:

I believe I owe the gay community an apology for my study making unproven claims of the efficacy of reparative therapy. I also apologize to any gay person who wasted time and energy undergoing some form of reparative therapy because they believed that I had proven that reparative therapy works with some “highly motivated” individuals.

This is the last, final piece of any hope of credibility that the ex-gay movement could claim. Now all that’s left is quackery and pseudoscience. Unfortunately, they have plenty of both to spare.

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