For the record, if your organization is listed as an anti-gay hate group by the SPLC or you get your “facts” from such a group, you’re going to have to work a lot harder for me to believe you’re interested in any kind of reconciliation with LGBT Christians.

One does not reconcile sheep with wolves. We keep the wolves at bay. And when the wolves dress up as sheep, then we rip off their costume — usually from the sheep they’ve slaughtered — and expose them for the cruel impostors they are.

These groups include: Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, American Family Association, Family Research Council, Family Research Institute, Traditional Values Coalition, MASS Resistance, Illinois Family Institute, You Can Run But You Can Not Hide Ministries, Public Advocate of the United States, and several others. These are vile, vicious wolves who care about nothing but ravaging the truth in their quest to destroy LGBT people, all in the name of “the family” or Christianity.

They should be ashamed.
For the record, they became hate groups because they regularly and routinely dispense KNOWN falsehoods. Not because they’re “Christian.”
There IS a difference, folks.
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