As history continues its very deliberate march toward equality, those who stand in opposition are becoming more vocal — and more outlandish. These groups, most of them certified as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center, are actively engaged in some of the most vitriolic bile that’s ever seen print (or pixel).

They’ve realized at this point that finding allies in their “culture war” is a fruitless endeavor. So now, they just want the rest of society to be neutral. However, what they call “neutrality” reveals just how black, how vile, and how truly evil their agenda really is.

The last few years has seen dramatic change for the better for LGBT people in the nation, largely because we’re becoming more visible, more vocal, and more real. Through it all, the world is discovering powerful truths. We’re forming families, not destroying them. We’re building relationships, not having relations. We’re falling in love, not passing through lovers. In short, we’re living our lives — not alternate lifestyles.

Those truths manage to slip past the conspiracy-theory kookiness and hate group dramatics. To them, we have an evil agenda. While most of us have moved past the petty childishness of obsessing over the imaginary “gay agenda,” the hate groups are doing all they can to convince the rest of us that their lies and vivid imagination are little more than a disturbed, hyperbole-filled story of pure, utter fiction.

I should point out that I’m not talking about the typical church or pastor. While some of them do get caught up in the rhetoric and yes, they do allow their own biases to carry their speech into dark areas, they are not the ones I’m talking about. I’m talking about organizations that have as part of their primary focus an effort to oppose everything that the LGBT community is working to accomplish.

Please understand, dear Christian. I’m not attacking the Church at large. I love the Church. I’m a part of the Church. She is the Bride of Christ. Unfortunately, her diadem is tarnished, and her body is covered with parasites. And those parasites are the ones of which I speak. they are leeches, horribly distorting the truth and consuming the grace of God for their own satisfaction — at the expense of others.

I do not call “good, evil,” and I do not call “evil, good.” I call evil exactly what it is — evil. These monsters must continue to be exposed for what they are, and they continue to wear sheep’s clothing — usually the clothing of those they have consumed along their great swath of spiritual destruction.

Their rhetoric, as I said, has taken a turn for the worse. No longer limiting themselves to vague, meaningless cries to “protect the children,” their clear goal has become to keep this little culture war all to themselves. As I’ve said before, what they call a “culture war” is nothing more than an outright blitzkrieg on the lives, reputations, jobs, homes, and families of LGBT people across the nation.

And if you aren’t interested in joining them in their carpet bombing of LGBT America, they would very much like you to just stay out of their way. Just be neutral. After all, they are the righteous — ready to push away this evil darkness that is the “homosexual agenda.”

The last few days has revealed some of the most vitriolic venom to come down the pike in recent years on this issue, and reveals just how horrific religious-based bigotry really is. Remember, they want the rest of you to be neutral.

Bryan Fischer, spokesbigot of the American Family Association (SPLC-certified as a hate group) made this clear. They have been leading a boycott against Home Depot because they support gay rights through financial donations. Apparently, The Home Depot has become The Homo Depot to these guys. They want them to remain neutral. Right Wing Watch reports:

Today, the AFA’s Executive Vice President, Buddy Smith, traveled to a Home Deport board meeting to present the company with a petition bearing nearly a half-million names of those who have vowed to stop shopping at Home Deport stores until the company decides to “remain neutral in the culture war.”

But according to this update Smith gave to Bryan Fischer today, it sounds like the Home Depot Chairman Frank Blake basically told the AFA to take a hike and reiterated their commitment to promoting diversity.  Smith was especially troubled by this stance because, as everyone knows, “those who are caught in this trap of homosexuality are in the clasp of Satan”

The AFA’s subsidiary group, the One Million Moms (who have about 45,000 members on their Facebook page) famously demanded JC Penney to “remain neutral” and fire Ellen Degeneres as their spokesperson a few months back. Now they’re all atwitter over The Gap because they didn’t “remain neutral” by posting a gay-positive billboard that show two men sharing the same t-shirt. Scandalous.

Let’s remember. They want everyone to be neutral. Sounds reasonable enough. Doesn’t it?

Oklahoma Congressman James Lankford insists that people should be allowed to fire LGBT people in the workplace because it’s a choice. But we should be neutral while he works to keep an Equal Employment Nondiscrimination act from being passed.

North Carolina has a few spurious examples of lies in the name of religion. One such notable piece of fiction came from Patrick Wooden of Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh. I’ll spare you the disgusting details about how gay men have to wear diapers, but there’s this little tidbit about a new kind of phone sex:

. . I know of a case where in a hospital a homosexual male had a cellphone lodged in his anus and as they were operating on him the phone went off, the phone started ringing!

By the way, it was all a lie. Since it’s okay to lie if you’re lying for the right cause, he just went on about his business. Don’t forget, we’re supposed to be neutral.

Not to be outdone, Pastor Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, North Carolina, had a final solution for the evil menace of the “lesbians and queers.” Towleroad’s Andrew Belonsky writes:

“I figured a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers,” he says in his sermon, delivered on May 13. “Build a great, big, large fence — 150 or 100 mile long — put all the lesbians in there… Do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can’t get out… And you know what, in a few years, they’ll die.” Worley fails to understand that gay people are born, not made, and that there would just be more LGBT folk coming down the line.

Don’t forget. You’re supposed to stay neutral. You’re supposed to stay neutral while they demonize LGBT people around the nation and across the world. You’re supposed to stay neutral while preachers joke about putting us in concentration camps to let us “die off.” You’re supposed to stay neutral while political movements are driven to prevent any of us from having even basic human rights.

Now more than ever, it’s important to NOT be neutral. These people — monsters, really — have been controlling the conversation in and around churches for far too long. There’s nothing Christian about lies, deception, and calls for extermination by separation. It’s vile. It’s horrific. And yes, it is evil.

After all, all that has to happen for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. And nothing is exactly what these evil men what from you. Just stand out of their way while they wipe out the threat of LGBT people — to live with dignity and equality.

What they really mean when they say “be neutral” is to step aside while they lie about us, attack us, demonize us, and put us back into the prisons where they think we belong.

Neutrality be damned.