In what is probably the most swift and satisfying social justice I’ve seen in a while, the company that designed and hosted Pastor Charles L. Worley’s church website — shut it down last night.

The preacher’s pontification of hate went viral yesterday after he delivered his “solution” for the “lesbians and queers” by putting all of us in an electrified fence where we’d eventually die off “cuz they can’t repr’doose.”

The New Civil Rights Movement has details:

New Civil Rights Movement reader, Rob Roberts, posted in our comments section on yesterday’s article, “Genocide? Pastor Says Kill All ‘Queers And Homosexuals’ By Airlifting Into Electric Pen“:

“A minor victory — I called the company that produces the bigoted pastors website. I asked them if they support genocide against gays and then told them I was ashamed of them.

As of last hour, the church website has dissapeared, its been pulled from the web completely.”

In a follow-up email, Roberts tells me he contacted StoneWall Consulting partners, the company who created the site for Pastor Worley, and humbly insists he can’t take full credit for getting the site taken down, as others may have called as well. (Roberts also notices the irony of the “Stonewall” name.)

See for yourself.

This only solidifies my point from yesterday’s post — to engage in the culture war, we don’t have to fight. All we have to do is tell the bigots that they’re not going to get a free reign on spewing their lies and bile anymore. That’s exactly what this website company did — saying  with their actions to a vicious, lying preacher that some things just aren’t okay. Telling your parishioners that you want to have “lesbians and queers” die off inside an electrified fence is one of those things.

A couple of lessons here. First, if you’re going to preach hate and don’t want to get called on it — don’t record it. Second, make sure your web hosting company doesn’t have a terms of service clause that covers hate speech.

Clearly, there are two kinds of conversations that need to be held — and often. First, we need to have a mutual understanding between those whose Bible-based beliefs are opposed to same-sex relationships, but want to build bridges.

The bigots, though, deserve a different kind of conversation — starting with, “you should be ashamed of yourself. That’s just not okay.”