Bryan Fischer is a complete monster. Only a sniveling, bitter, weasel of a man like Fischer would turn a genuine tragedy into an attack on LGBT people. And that’s exactly what he did.

Last night, a rogue gunman entered a movie theater and opened fire during a screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” for a midnight show. So far, 12 people have been killed with dozens more injured. Details are sketchy, but the attacker was described as a young white man who wore some kind of body armor and a gas mask.

My prayers and thoughts go to the families of those killed and injured, and everyone who witnessed the event unfold. I was a manager for a movie theater chain more than two decades ago, so this really hits home for me.

I thought of nothing but how tragic this was and how it was an utter violation of one of the true American past times — going to the movies. Now THAT isn’t safe anymore. Even in a red state like Colorado.

Then, mere hours after the attack — and the smoke hasn’t even cleared the gun barrels — Bryan Fischer, spokesbigot of the American Family Association, took to his twitter account and tweeted:

Chick-fil-A provides free meals to first responders in CO. Let’s see Big Gay demonize that.

The link goes to a article which is just as incendiary, citing two Twitter users who tweeted their disdain toward Chick Fil-A despite their offer of free food.

No, Bryan. “Big Gay” isn’t going to demonize the fact that Chick Fil-A offered free food to first responders last night. They give free food all the time. It’s one of the may good things that they do.

But we will, however, properly expose hacks like Bryan Fischer as the hateful bigots they are. That you and (which has clearly embraced the continued stupidity of its late founder) would use this genuine American tragedy as an attack on the gay community — well, that just show how little class you have. It also shows how much of a monster you are.

People are dying, and you use that as an excuse to attack “Big Gay.” Why don’t you tell that to their families, Fisch? Why don’t you show up at their funerals and start picketing them? No, Fisch. We don’t demonize Chick Fil-A because they give free food to first responders. We will, however, expose you to be the absolute rotten, worm-ridden cretin that you are.

And people wonder why the American Family Association is listed as a SPLC-certified hate group.