For the equality-minded Christian, this whole Chik-Fil-A controversy is especially troubling. After all, the fast-food chicken chain is well-known for their policies based in Christian teaching. For example, they close on Sundays to allow their employees to worship with their families. Plus, their support of “traditional” marriages include hosting marriage seminars and workshops, and they donate regularly to organizations that are well-known to be popular groups, like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

There is a darker side to the company’s activism, though. They have absolutely no corporate protections for their LGBT employees, and I’ve heard unconfirmed reports that anyone who comes out while under their employ — doesn’t have a job much longer. They regularly donate money to Exodus International and the Family Research Council. Exodus is a failed, international ministry that works to change gay people to straight people (a task that even its current president says is not possible). The FRC was added to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s hate group list in 2010 because they frequently lie about and demonize LGBT people.

Because of Chik-Fil-A’s financial support of organizations that are working to strip me of my rights, I’m not going to be going to their restaurant today — or any day (unless they stop donating to those groups). However, there are plenty of Christians who support a large portion of the company’s activities, but also oppose their anti-equality streak. Surely, they can find a way to do both.

There is.

Go to Chik-Fil-A. Order your meal, and do so proudly. Then, ask for a manager while it’s being prepared. The manager will come to the counter and will likely be all smiles. Here’s how the conversation should go:

“Hi, may I help you?” the manager will ask.

“Yes,” you reply. “I would like to get a comment form to fill out, but first I want you to know why.”


“You see, I love Chik-Fil-A’s Christian stance, which is precisely why I’m here today. I just ordered my favorite meal, and I’m looking forward to enjoying it.”

“Thank you. Did you…”

“But, there’s a problem. I’ve learned that through WinShape, Chik-Fil-A regularly donates to anti-gay groups and hate groups. This is pure injustice, and I believe — that as Christians — we have a responsibility to end injustice wherever it is.”

“Um…. I really don’t know anything about…” the manager will possibly stammer a bit, trying not to be confrontational. Be sure to maintain a smile and positive attitude. This is important.

“You see, the company donates to Exodus International which operates under the failed impression that gays can somehow be turned straight. They also donate to the Family Research Council which openly supports criminalization of homosexuality around the world. I’d like to ensure that my concerns are expressed appropriately to you, the owner of this franchise, and senior corporate officials.”

“Okay. I’ll be sure to…well, here’s your comment card.”

“Thank you. I see my food is ready. Oh, one more thing.”


“May I have the number for your district manager or franchise owner’s office? I would like to share this with them as well.”

“Sure, here it is.”

“Thank you so very much. Have a good afternoon. God bless you, sir.”

“You too.”

You see? It’s really that simple. Hell — I might even break my vow of boycott to do this. It’s a clear way of supporting your beliefs — ALL of them — and getting a positive message to the chain.

And you get your chicken sandwich too.

UPDATE: At least one franchise gets it. Check out the story on LGBTQNation about the only Chik-Fil-A franchise in New Hampshire co-sponsored a pride event.

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