My good friend and writing mentor Michael Rowe has posted what I believe is the most important piece written to date on the Chik-Fil-A mess. His style isn’t for the feint of heart, though, and he cuts through all of the fat to get right to the point:

This week, I’ve listened to heartbreaking stories of gay sons and lesbian daughters whose parents have made it a point to inform them that they’d lined up in Wednesday’s blazing heat in order to drop their thirty pieces of silver into Dan Cathy’s coffers at the expense of their own children.

Any decent American Christian should be outraged by stories like those — as should any decent person, especially any parent — but in the same way that their Bible recounts the disciples denying Christ during his arrest and interrogation in order to avoid bringing the wrath of the mob down on their heads, that segment of American Christians have found their own place in this history still being written. Instead of trotting out Leviticus, that perennial Biblical horror story, or the misogyny and patriarchal sexism of Paul, they would do well to look to John 13:35 — “By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one to another,” and ask themselves where they think they fit in, or even if they honestly believe they do.

If Cathy were a medieval peddler selling relics of the saints of disputable authenticity, or slivers of the One True Cross, or the nails he claims were used to crucify the Messiah, he couldn’t be more of a fraud than he is in this instance.

You simply MUST read the full article. It’s too rich not to. If it makes you angry, then good. It’s about damn time we stopped with this nonsense of arguing about “free speech” and got back to the real point: equality.

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