I’ve been told by countless people over the last few months that they support Romney and the GOP because of their financial policies. These are friends who appreciate me, and as far as I know, consciously agree that LGBT people deserve equality.

Yet, their preferred party fights tooth and nail to prevent any form of equality — even a basic equal employment nondiscrimination act that would make it illegal to fire someone just because they’re gay. But it’s not a priority over extending the Bush tax cut or other spending cuts, or other financial elements of the platform.

You could pass these laws in one fell swoop and instantly change them, and then go back the policies. Instead, you’ve fought these simple changes, resisted them, demonized them, and worked to make it impossible for them to see the light of day. Your party pushes for anti-gay “marriage protection amendments” because they drive voters.

Here’s the cold, hard fact. Your pocketbook is more important to you than my rights and dignity as a human being.

“Well, David…” you say, visibly shaken that I would say such a thing. “That’s just not fair!”

My response: Exactly.

Now do something about it. Stop letting bigots and homophobes drive GOP policy and get these common-sense equality laws passed. Or, vote for the party that already does.

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