As the 2012 election comes to its climactic conclusion this Tuesday, the country — candidates and voters alike — is glad to see it come to an end. The endless mudslinging, attack ads, and outlandish punditry has left all of us weary and fatigued of electioneering. Even while we look to the finish line, though, the extreme religious right has pulled out their biggest bovine excrement guns and they’re going out with both barrels blazing.

We saw the same thing near the close of the 2008 election, so this isn’t any surprise. In the final days of that campaign, a group called Focus on the Family Action, an activist wing of Dr. James Dobson’s famous right wing organization, published a letter from 2012 that purported to be a prophetic letter of what would happen if Obama got elected. It included terrorist attacks, nuclear (nook-yoo-lar?) attacks on Israel, and five full pages of how the homosexuals would ruin the country — including that marriage equality would “suddenly” be the law of the land and the Boy Scouts would no longer exist.

The letter has long since been removed from their website, but thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I’ve managed to find a copy. Be sure to have a box of kleenex handy as you read it, though. You’ll be laughing so hard that you’ll cry. Enjoy reading it knowing that whoever wrote it got it completely, totally wrong.

Now that we have had a full four years of politics where the extreme right has been out of power, we can take a little joy in knowing that they’re at it again. Boy, are they ever. This time, though, the wingnuts are out in full force.

Rick Joyner, leader of the MorningStar group has gone full on into whacko land in the last few years. In the last few weeks, he’s accused the President of “helping to merge Christianity and Islam,” “committing serious persecution against Christians,” and that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is somehow advocating the use of Sharia. His latest rant was highlighted by RightWingWatch:

After proclaiming that Obama was engaging in tyranny and was either grossly incompetent or treasonous, Joyner declared that no Christian could ever support the Democratic Party, much less support Obama because he is “the most anti-Christian office we have ever had in office” and that anyone who believes Obama is really a Christian is “deluded” and “seriously deceived.”

The crazy thing is this — I still own a couple of copies of his books from the late 1990s, and thought they were quite profound. It’s sad that he’s gotten wrapped up in this kind of  whackjob batshittery.

SPLC-Certified hate group American Family Association spokesbigot Bryan Fischer has a dire prediction as well. Last Friday, Fischer ranted about how there would be blood and civil unrest — if Obama loses. Seriously. We’re damned if we win, and damned if we lose. What complete lack of faith these people have in the people of America. The week before, he said that if Obama is re-elected, “America has no future.

Frankly, I’m a little surprised no one has claimed that Obama would use the Superstorm Sandy disaster to cancel the election and wrestle power from us poor capitalist minions.

Oh, wait. WorldNutDaily’s all over that. Hack-job specialist Brenda Elliot doesn’t even need a superstorm for that.

 I think that the number of times that Obama has gone before heads of state and gone into an obedient posture by bowing and constantly going into a posture of appeasing, I don’t think that gains anybody any points, I mean, you go back to history and it tells us that a strong defense keeps our foes at bay, but when we posture that we’re prepared to be peacekeepers and bow down to the will of the Middle East and to Islam, that’s not a strong position at all.

These right wing fear mongering tactics are nothing new for an election season, and it’s quite obvious that they won’t be letting up any time soon. What’s interesting is that the very same people who insisted a year ago that if we elected a Mormon as President of the United States, then we would be under divine judgment. For example, RightWingWatch points out the hypocrisy of Robert Jeffries, a high profile pastor in Dallas.

Four years ago, Jeffries declared that God would judge a nation that is ruled by someone who worships a false god. Now, he warns that God will judge the country would be asking for God’s judgment if we don’t elect that very same cultist.

Just to clarify: Jeffress once believed that electing a Mormon like Mitt Romney would cause God to judge this nation, but then Romney became the GOP nominee, at which point Jeffress decided that not electing Romney will cause God to judge this nation.

Of course, there’s still the “Obama is a Muslim” drum beat that’s still out there, leaving foolish sheep to believe something that is patently false.

In review, it’s really quite simple. The extreme religious right wants us to be afraid of something that Obama “might” do and ignore the fact that these are the last people we need to have in charge of our government, or even influencing it.

Don’t fall for it.