Thanksgiving. To me, it’s more than a day to gather around a pile of turkey and dressing — it’s about giving thanks to God — who provides for us no matter what. I’m not rich by any means, but I’m far from being poor. I have someone who loves me, someone whom I love equally. I have a roof over my head, and a business that sees new opportunities every day.

I choose to look for the positive, the opportunity, and the possible. I choose to be thankful, rather than complain about what I don’t have. I choose hope over fear, life over death, and design over desire.

I thank God for family — those by blood and those who are by choice. I thank God for the unconditional love of my dogs and the snarky tolerance of my cats.

Above all, I thank Him for grace — not only the grace through which I am saved by faith, but the grace that empowers me each and every day to pursue my dream, to live my passion, and to reach for my calling. It’s not a perfect life, but every step leads me to where I am… and today’s steps lead me to where I will be tomorrow.

Thank you, Jesus. For. All of that… and all I’ll never fully comprehend in this life.

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