Frankly, I don’t know what it is about Eugene Delgaudio that keeps me so utterly fascinated. From where I sit, it could be because of one of two things. One: he lives in a complete fantasy world where he actually has relevance, and two: that he has people who donate to his little SPLC-certified hate group that think he has relevance.

His latest beg-mail from his organization “Public Advocate of the United States” is filled with the usual repetition of “radical homosexual agenda” and “homosexual activists” shrilling. What makes this particular one so amusing is that it is so easily fact checked and so quickly proven to be complete guano. But then, guano is about all we can expect from someone who’s so batshit crazy:

Election Day 2012 has come and gone.  And what’s the message mainstream media wants you to believe?

They want you to believe this election was a “mandate” for the radical Homosexual Agenda.

If you believe their spin, you will certainly be tempted to give up the fight for the Family.

And that’s exactly what the enemy wants you and I to do.

What’s worse, even so-called conservative political analysts are proclaiming Republican candidates lost because they were “too conservative.”

The truth is liberal and moderate Republicans were brutally rejected by voters -– many received even fewer votes than when John McCain ran in 2008.

That’s the setup. The “radical homosexual activists” want us to think that the country is really becoming more pro-gay. Why, he says, even the “moderate” republicans lost! It’s proof that the right wing is more powerful! Or something:

For example: three of the five moderate Republican Congressmen who sponsored the Gay Bill of Special Rights are NOT returning to Congress next year.

Rep. Judy Biggert (R-IL) and Rep. Nan Hayworth (R-NY) both lost re-election bids.  And Rep. Todd Platt (R-PA) decided to retire rather than face a primary challenge from pro-Family conservative voters in his district.

Biggert’s and Hayworth’s campaigns were heavily financed by American Unity PAC — a pro-homosexual Super PAC whose sole mission was to elect Republican candidates who support homosexual “marriage.”

The Super PAC wanted to send the message that pro-homosexual Republicans can survive in office, and poured at least 2.2 million dollars into 8 Republican candidates… and lost 6 of those races.

And here’s my favorite sentence out of the whole screed:

These are key losses for the Homosexual Lobby.

Now, here in the “real world” where we have this thing called “Google” and “reality,” we can do this really cool thing called “fact check,” and guess what — yeah. He’s batshit crazy. Ready to chortle? Welp, here you go:

Judy Biggert lost by nearly 12 points to Bill Foster, a pro-marriage equality Democrat — who also happens to be a physicist.  Nan Heyworth lost to openly-gay Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney. Todd Platt… well, he didn’t retire. His district was deleted in this year’s redistricting, and he chose to not run in his new district— Pennsylvania’s 4th district — which barely went to another Republican after a very tight race.

Now, I don’t know exactly how electing a pro-equality Democrat and an openly gay Democrat are somehow “losses” for the “homosexual lobby,” but we can smile in knowing that people like Euguene Delgaudio are screaming in smaller and smaller corners of our society…

… where we actually have truth and facts on our side.