Morality. It’s a word that has driven the social justice debate over the last forty years. Early on, it was the “moral majority.” Then people said “you can’t legislate morality.” The word is often times joined with religious views, connected to the point of being one and the same.

There are those, however, that are the immoral. They are the single greatest threat to our society, driving down every bit of moral fiber in our nation — a danger to all that we hold dear. They are the promiscuous, the licentious, and yes, the ultimate depravity – the homosexual.

The basic premise is this: Christians are moral. Homosexuals are not.

It’s a false premise, of course. But that doesn’t stop equality opponents. It doesn’t even slow them down.

Unfortunately, this premise has been the dominant view for decades. The “homosexuals” have been brutally demonized ever since the gay rights movement began to gain serious traction. Sadly, this marginalization has continued even today.

You might recognize some of the “facts” that have circulated over the years:

  • Homosexuals have 1000 partners on average.
  • Homosexuals insert gerbils/hamsters/iphones/whatever into their anuses.
  • Homosexuals live a short lifespan.
  • Homosexuals recruit children, especially boys.
  • Homosexuals are pedophiles.
  • Homosexuals controlled the Nazi party.
  • Homosexual-inclusive hate crime laws will result in pastors being jailed for preaching against homosexuality.
  • Homosexuals are more prone to alcohol and drug use.
  • Homosexuals are more likely to be mentally ill.
  • Homosexuals can stop being homosexual by no longer having homosexual sex.

Thus, Homosexuals are immoral.

Naturally, every single one of these bullet points is completely false. Even those that have some tiny shred of half-truths have been disproven time and again. The pedophilia and lifespan claims widely rejected by every major medical and psychiatric group in the country.

Even still, the premise remains: Christians are moral. Homosexuals are not.

There’s good reason for this. The bulk of today’s anti-gay push remains centered around a concept of “morality” that is rooted in lies, deception, distortion, and false stereotypes. The myths listed above are still a vital part of many of today’s anti-gay activists and hate groups.

The push to keep gays under the bus in the political sphere has long revolved around many of these myths, always focusing on the base “immorality” in the LGBT community. Because several “moral” “Christian” groups have been persistent in promulgating many of these lies, they were added to the list of hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Some examples include Scott Lively, Peter Labarbera, Tony Perkins, Bryan Fischer, and Linda Harvey. For details, check out the SPLC’s website. Just don’t do it on an full stomach.

Nearly everyone mentioned here has insisted that they were labeled as a hate group because of their “Christian values,” when even a casual study on the things they’ve said reveal their much darker, vicious side. Their “Christian values” revolve around horrific lies that have been rejected and debunked over and over again.

But none of that matters. Christians are moral. Homosexuals are not.

Let’s put that idea to the test.

Consider a 16-year-old gay boy who’s never had sex in his life — but knows that he’s just not interested in girls. He goes to church regularly, is honest to a fault, and would never, ever consider acting out in violence against those who bully him regularly.

In the culture war, he is the immoral one. Just because he’s gay. The bullies — all of whom are Christian (and go the same church as the gay boy) — are all moral.

Or the same-sex couple who’s been together — faithfully — for more than 20 years. They met as young men, and settled down with each other. They built a life together that’s built on love, respect, and adoration. Their state refuses to let them marry, so they must go through every legal loophole available to them to protect their assets. They volunteer at the local humane society and attend church regularly as a couple.

But they’re a gay couple. Therefore, they are immoral.

What about a lesbian who happens to be single mother. Immoral. Or the elderly gay man who just buried his partner of 50 years. Immoral. The bisexual mother of three who juggles home life, a business, and driving Mom’s Taxi. Immoral.

My partner, Curtis, is one of the most moral people I’ve ever met. He’s honest, trustworthy, kind, gentle, has a heart of gold, wouldn’t hurt a fly, and he’s well-liked by nearly everyone he meets. He treats people well, and feels horrible if he thinks he might have done something that could offend someone. He is, in every way, a true, gentle spirit. But because he’s gay, there are those who genuinely believe he’s immoral.

Immoral, immoral, immoral. All of them.

I defy anyone who would suggest that the gay kids that have committed suicide over the last few years — bullied into suicide because they’re gay — were in any way, shape, or form… immoral.

The tragedy isn’t that the conversation has been skewed for so long regarding sexual orientation and morality — it’s that we allow this skewed view to color our politics. I’m not suggesting that Christians are not moral — far from it. However, I do question the integrity of anyone who insists that gays are immoral because they identify as gay.

Until we come to a point where we understand that sexual orientation is neutral in its morality, this skewed view will remain. The fact is that sexual orientation is not a choice, and it’s not something that is taught. It has absolutely no impact on the person’s morality. It just… is.

The assumption of “immorality” is what drives the shame, fuels the failed ex-gay ministries, and fill voting booths around the country. Millions are donated because of this assumption, that the “immoral” gays want to destroy the institution of marriage.

Or is it that moral gays — know the value of marriage, and want to take part in the permanence that a state-sanctioned marriage encourages? Yet despite this reality, anti-gay groups and individuals fight tooth and nail against LGBT equality, lying about us, our children, and our relationships.

So let’s assume that Christians are, as a rule, moral. If we have so many people who lie, deceive, and distort for political purposes — does that mean they’re Christian? I would submit that for those that insist that they have the moral high ground while lying about the LGBT community, they might call themselves moral — they certainly do not have any ethics.

Our responsibility is simple: Stop letting them control the conversation. Because you, dear gay person, damn well better realize that your morality is not defined by your sexual orientation. It’s defined by your integrity and the content of your character.

The rules are simple. Don’t live by fear or by hate. Be honest. Be true. Be out. And for God’s sake, be yourself.

Nothing could be more moral than that.


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