New booklet, “How They See Us: Unmasking the Religious Right War on Gay America” explores the extreme right’s incessant attacks on the LGBT community.

This booklet by Alvin McEwin, who blogs over at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters (gotta love the title!) presents one of the single most important pieces of the last few years. He expands what I touched on with my last post — and fully unmasks the outright evil that is being done by SPLC-certified hate groups.

The lies told about the LGBT community have been fairly consistent over the years, and their brutality has only been conflagrated over time with the addition of fancy formatting and Photoshopped images.

As I said – I’ve discussed nearly all of these frauds who hide behind their “Christianity” — but who are really little more than lying, bigoted thugs. I’ve discussed “how they see us” a number of times, but McEwin hits it hard — over and over again.

Here’s a great example of McEwin’s brilliant dressing-down of the distortions and lies told by various people in the “religious” right. He summarizes the booklet’s content thusly:

But their idea of Christian values seem to rely heavily on forgetting the ninth commandment against bearing false witness because these groups have declared war on the gay community and their weapons are propaganda designed exploit fear and religious beliefs. Through aclever use of junk science, misrepresented scientific work, outright lies, or – as seen by LaBarbera’s photo of Frank [depicting Congressman Barney Frank as a groping TSA agent] – demeaning images, they work to stand as a roadblock to any advancement of gay equality by stigmatizing the gay community and falsely labeling homosexuality as a threat to societal order and wellness. And what’s worse, they use the religious belief which designates homosexuality to be a sin as a free license to sugarcoat their tactics as mere “expressions of their personal religious beliefs” and label every question regarding these tactics as an “attack on their religiou sliberty” or an attempt to “silence” them.

I’m not given to hyperbole — but when pure evil is so skillfully unmasked, I gotta give props. Way to go, Alvin. Read the full “How They See Us” booklet below.

HowThey See Us