TonyPerkinsFaceTony Perkins is a liar. There’s no other way to put it. Both he and his “Senior Fellow,” Peter Sprigg,  through their “Family Research Council” have worked to systematically strike fear into the hearts of people all across the nation — by lying. Repeatedly. About gays. And Scouts.

I have stated publicly that I support the inclusion of gay boys and men into the Boy Scouts of America — as it provides an opportunity for all men and boys to build character, strength, and their intellect in ways that they rarely have inside their homes or classrooms. I speak from experience — having spent a large chunk of my childhood with a Cub Scout pack and a Boy Scout troop.

The Supreme Court came down with a ruling in 2000, the Boy Scouts of America v. Dale, that the BSA has the right to decide who can join the organization. While gay activists decried the decision, I believe it was the right one — their first amendment right of assembly and association — should not be infringed. However, I remained disappointed that the Scouts spent such a long time before seriously reconsidering the ban on gays.

So what does all of this have to do with Tony Perkins being an outright liar? Simple. Today, he sent out a press release that was carefully crafted to scare the willies out of every parent out there:

Apparently, children only matter when it’s politically convenient, because President Obama told Scott Pelley yesterday that ‘gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does in every institution and walk of life.’ This is a man who said he isn’t sure he’d let his sons play football for fear that they’d get hurt–yet he can somehow justify putting boys in physically risky situations like these? No father, including Barack Obama, would want his daughters sharing a tent with grown men in the name of ‘access’–but you don’t hear anyone calling that politically incorrect! At the end of the day, this debate is about safety and time-honored principles of morality. If that ruffles a few politically correct feathers, so be it. (hat tip: Joe)

This little screed hits on all of the anti-gay points: A hatred for President Obama, his “attack” on football (only MANLY men play FOOTBALL!), and “putting boys in physically risky situations” that would — wait for it — include sharing tents with “homosexuals.” After all, Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council desperately want us to believe that homosexuals are pedophiles. And, Perkins implies, those “evil” homosexual “pedophiles” clearly want YOUR BOYS!

We heard the same thing near the end of the 2008 campaign when James Dobson’s Focus on the Family group put out their “Letter from 2012” that said that boys would be in tents with adult gay men.

Now, let’s put this little charade of lying blathering to the smell test. It doesn’t take long to realize that Mr. Perkins is full of number two. You see, Google is not Tony’s friend. All I had to do is punch in a few key words, and I found a particularly relevant page on the Boy Scout’s website — called “Youth Protection & Adult Leadership.”

Here, you’ll find lots of really neat goodies like a mandatory reporting of child abuse, establishing a barrier to abuse, and a requirement to have at least two registered adult leaders on every single outing. One-on-one contact between adults and Scouts are prohibited. The privacy of youth must be respected. Oh… what’s this? Well, well, well. Take a look:

Separate accommodations for adults and Scouts required. When camping, no youth is permitted to sleep in the tent of an adult other than his or her own parent or guardian. Councils are strongly encouraged to have separate shower and latrine facilities for females. When separate facilities are not available, separate times for male and female use should be scheduled and posted for showers. Likewise, youth and adults must shower at different times.

That’s right. Read that first sentence again. “When camping, no youth is permitted to sleep in the tent of an adult other than his or her own parent or guardian.” Now, let that sink in, friends. Let it get past your filters. The scenarios of sexual predators having instant access to vulnerable boys — just. Does. Not. Hold. Water.

You see, I don’t believe for a second that Tony Perkins isn’t aware of this fact. Quite the opposite. I think he knows that the Boy Scouts do not allow camping trips without at least two adults. I think he knows that boys can’t sleep in the same tents with men that aren’t their parent or guardian.

What he’s clearly going for is the fact that his fan base does not know this simple fact, and will lap up every tiny bit of verbal guano that he spews.

It’s yet another clear reason why the Family Research Council is labeled as a certified hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s not that he’s ignorant of these facts. He deliberately deceives his followers — and anyone who mistakes his boy-next-door good looks as an “honest face.” Perkins will not only lie to get donations, he’ll clearly lie to advance his agenda of bigotry and hate.

When a simple web search of core BSA policy shows him to be the liar that he is, it’s a sad day in American politics when so few people will do a quick, basic check. But hey, it was an attack on President Obama, so he must be right. Right? It must be okay, because the Family Research Council is a Christian group. Right? They do the work of God, right?

Wrong. He’s a monster. He’s a bully. And he’s a liar. It’s time for the media to start calling him out on it and stop giving him a platform for his vicious hate and bigoted lies.

Maybe we need to keep Tony Perkins away from boys. After all, we don’t want our kids to learn that lying is okay. Do we?

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