Faith is a boost for all of our lives,
Where men and women alike do all to strive;
Toward their goal of eternal glory
But all too often, there’s more to the story.

Their anger is wrought, and their noses held high
But it’s not for those who murder, steal and lie.
Instead, their wrath is left for the outsiders,
where they stand tall and become God’s fighters.

The bitter pill they swallow is filled with ire and rage
While history moves past them, and turns the page.
Their fingers point and their forked tongue wags
At those beneath them, the whores and the fags

Never mind the gluttons and those divorced,
their righteous anger must now run the course.
Pound the Bible for all the law they can find,
They’ll push the heathen away; God won’t mind!

In the end, the hard, sad truth is known,
We’ve all reaped what we have truly sown.
This bitter pill is all we have, and we’ve known all along
That this is nothing but religion done wrong.

Long ago, our fathers saw that we would enter the age of reason;
But time has passed, and his day revealed a different season,
Where thought is suspect, and friends are but allies;
In a war of thought, and we must choose sides.

Christ has called us all to love — both God and each other;
Instead we look to those who are like us, not like a brother;
Where differences could be celebrated, and even embraced,
We’re left with a battle over politics, sex, and race.

For us to feel better, we must have a face to hate.
For a time it was the reds, but for them it was too late.
Before then was the Germans, and after, the blacks;
Still, the Commies will linger, whose shadows we track.

Now still we have the Muslims and the gays,
Both faces we fear, they anger us each day.
We hate that they marry, or even to gather and pray;
That they demand rights; freedoms and more each day!

There comes a time where we must take a stand,
And strike a chord with a different band.
We sing our own hymns, and we each have our song.
But when we build on hate, it’s religion done wrong.

Christ calls us all to freedom, in Him and as one;
That doesn’t mean we think alike, but together for the sake of the Son.
We each have our parts, our role to play.
A story to tell, to live each and every day.

Time has come to stop demanding of others
What we ourselves would never do, least of all our brothers.
Stop telling our gay brethren to lie, even to themselves;
And living their life with honor, not hidden away on shelves.

To support each other with faith, hope, and grace
And stand side by side as we seek His face.
To treat each other as equals, and to Him we point,
Each part is unique, each organ and joint.

The chest is strong, and resolute to the core,
The eyes look ahead, the ears listen, to carry on the lore.
Yet every body has the parts that stand in between,
And even the ass, who we’d rather not be seen.

Brush aside the leeches, the parasites all;
so that the body of Christ can again stand tall.
It’s time for us to sing together, along to His song,
and give up that old, sour religion done wrong.

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