When Eugene Delgaudio writes, no one listens. No one, that is, except the little old ladies he cons into writing him checks every year — and the few of us that chortle at his asinine claims. A few times a year, he puts out a slightly revised version of his “Stormy Night” story where long-haired gay men with earrings mock him as runs out of a warehouse filled with bulging boxes.

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I decided to read through and re-enact this email from June, replete with every whacko claim that you can imagine. Delgaudio is also known for packing boxes with his own “petitions” and regularly makes claims that he’s the only hope for anti-gay bigots to keep the government from approving the “radical homosexual agenda.” If we don’t donate money to him RIGHT NOW, then he’ll be forced to go away.

What a positively wonderful thing that would be. But it would be a sad day for comedy. Enjoy.

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