matt-barberMat Staver and Matt Barber, both of Liberty Counsel, really don’t like gay people. They haven’t found an anti-gay law they didn’t like, and they love to throw around words like “homofascist” when talking about pro-LGBT groups like GLAAD. When Phil Robertson made his veiled comparison of gays to terrorists during his GQ interview last month, most of us were appalled that he would say such stupid things around a microphone.

Apparently, Robertson is in good company. Now Staver and Barber are discussing how LGBT “homofascists” are “nothing but bullies.” In Barber’s own words as reported by Right Wing Watch:

There’s a take-away from all this; it’s been a few weeks now, all the dust has settled and everything but left in the rubble of all this, the big losers GLAAD, the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, the Human Rights Campaign, the so-called secular progressive left in general. People are finally seeing that if you stand up to these bullies, you are dealing with a paper tiger. They have no power that people don’t give them. These big corporations and individuals in the entertainment industry and people grant these homofascist bullies – I call them the Gaystapo – they grant them this power that otherwise they would not have.

Let’s put this to the logic test. If GLAAD, the HRC, and the “secular progressive left,” as he describes us, are indeed “bullies,” then why is it that groups like the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, and his own group — do all they can to fuel their Right Wing Rage Machine to punish someone just for putting a gay-positive message out there? Or saying “damn” in a credit card commercial?

You see, they’ll call for boycotts at the drop of a hat, but if a pro-LGBT group does the same thing, it’s “economic terrorism” and “gaystapo” tactics. And the world churns on.

But that’s not enough for Mat Staver. We criticized Robertson for making a loose comparison of gays to terrorism and we got a little miffed. Staver, on the other hand, has no qualms whatsoever about making a direct, naked comparison:

It’s the rank and file people of America, the vast majority of people who do not support this homosexual agenda, do not support this homofascism, they en masse respond and A& E and Cracker Barrel had to read the tea leaves and it was pretty easy to do it …

So [Phil Robertson is] not going to be bullied by anyone and I think the other thing is to not back down. Some people, they get intimated, they don’t want to get involved in this fight and yet Phil Robertson stood there on principle, he stood there with love and he became a national hero to many people because he would not budge. If you back down, if you give someone an inch – it’s almost like negotiating with terrorists – if you give them an inch, they’ll take a mile.

 In short, Staver is taking us mean ol’ gay people to task for getting upset at Robertson’s comparison of gays to terrorists — by directly comparing gays to terrorists.
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