American Flag-facebook“If you’re offended by my flags…” this trend in bumper stickers showcases the sheer outlandish stupidity of the Tea Party, and their complete lack of self-awareness or grasp of reality.

No, Mister Teabagger. I’m not offended by the bumper sticker flags on your car. Nor am I offended that you have great pride in your country. I am, however, offended by your clear contempt for the very flag that you clutch so tightly.

What IS offensive is your abject stupidity and assumption that flying a flag is offensive. Or that somehow it’s “controversial” to sing the National Anthem before a sports team. Or to fly a flag in front of a fat food … oops… fast food restaurant.

I love the flag of the United States of America, and I have pledged allegiance to that flag many, many times. I still do today. And I will pledge that same allegiance countless times before I take my last breath.

I am offended that your limited, tiny religious impersonation worldview dictates that I must follow your “religion” in order to be fully accepted in your version of America. And if you knew anything about the flag that you so dearly grasp, you would know that the red on that flag represents the very blood of those who fought and died for the foundation of our country — who created this nation to have the freedom of all religions. Not just yours. In fact, your particular brand of evangelical Christianity is much younger than that flag.

I am offended that you would rather assume that we would rather have controversy where there is none just so that you can pick a fight, or just so that you can show the world how much of an ass you really are.

I am offended that you have usurped that flag for your own agenda to shape the nation into a band of bullies that rejects anyone that looks, thinks, or has sex differently than you do (assuming that you actually have sex with another human being).

I am offended that you create controversy when there is none.

So please, fly your flag. Just don’t expect me to buy into your stupidity. But thank you for displaying that ignorant, idiotic, and asinine bumper sticker. It shows the level of genuine thought of which you are capable.

Our flag is the pride of our nation, and it should fly over every corner of the United States for which it stands — as the original pledge says (before all that mucking about in McCarthyism in the 1950s), one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for… say it with me… ALL.

Even after we foolishly added “under God” to the pledge to set us apart from the Soviet Union, it still says liberty and justice for all.

So having said that… are you sure you want to keep flying that flag? It doesn’t seem like you’re really as invested into its ideals as you might claim.

Not some. ALL.

Not just few elite evangelical Christians. Not just Catholics. Not just Baptists. Not just Pentecostals. It includes Buddhists, Hindus, Wiccans, and yes, even Muslims.

It includes natural born Americans and immigrants. Even to those who are not yet citizens. Liberty and justice even applies to illegal immigrants.

It includes those who bear arms, and those who do not.

It includes not just Republicans. Not just Democrats. It applies to those who vote and those who do not. Hell, it even applies to those who CAN’T vote.

Liberty and justice doesn’t apply just to straight people. It includes gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender persons.

It even includes those who don’t like the flag.

Liberty. And Justice. For ALL.

So thank you for flying that flag. I suspect that you might need to check to see who’s really offended by it. And it’s not me.

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