I’ve been talking about my new book a lot lately and what inspires it. The inspirations come from all elements of sci-fi and space opera over the last five decades, both popular and obscure. But I wanted to share with you, dear Piccolo readers, about the book itself and invite you to peruse its pages!

Imagine a world on the other side of our galaxy, many tens of thousands of years in our future. Earth has long been destroyed by a powerful alien race with a swarm made up of millions of small ships; a race known only as the Harvesters.

Our story centers around a man named Barin Romaine, who encounters a mystical sword that was created by an even more ancient race. He was tasked with studying the artifact until he accidentally handles it, immediately causing a chain reaction that fuses his body with the magnificent blade.As a result, he BECOMES the Thunderblade.

It was long rumored that the sword could fuse with a human, but no one who attempted the bonding would ever succeed. At best, they could manipulate energy and matter to a limited extent with it. At worst… well, it could be a mass catastrophe. But Barin become the one man in all of recorded human history that successfully bonds with the weapon.

The Thunderblade was created by an ancient race — a race that disappeared long before humanity ever stood erect. We know them as the Archangels. Their technology was magical even by today’s imagination, precisely because we know so little about them. But they vanished, never being able to use the powerful weapon they created; destroyed by the vile Harvesters.

The story revolves around Barin, his family and friends, and how he becomes the central focus in galactic civil war — at a time when the evil Harvesters are finally starting to make their way to that side of the galaxy! And through the story, he finds a way to connect with a man named Axel Berg, and the two begin a budding romance.

Humanity has become more complicated over the millennia, having spawned new transgenetic species that are blended with the characteristics of oxen, eagles, and large felines. These three sub races, called Transients, add a new dynamic to the universe of the Unification, having added the struggle of racism and discrimination that still rubs the society raw. And their presence challenges the human condition in both positive and negative ways.

It’s a world of city-sized starships battling it out with the threat of weapons of mass destruction everywhere. Prejudice and political wrangling tear families and whole worlds apart! As the entire universe seems to be going mad with destruction, Barin’s powers could be the answer to stop the war before it starts…… but will it be enough?

Find out in Unification: Rise of the Thunderblade, available from Lulu Press!